Inventory Management Web Development (Django)

Inventory Management Sprint 13

Tech Stack

For back-end, we use:

  • Django: back-end server
  • GCP Compute Engine: where web app hosted
  • Email Notification and Food Freshness Detection Python Scripts

For Front-end side:

  • Bootstrap: providing style thing
  • JavaScript: handle dynamic elements
  • web development

    Basically I have three parts: stock management, food freshness and donation. I’ve done with creating a homepage to navigate the three separate apps. For food freshness and and donation, the pages has been created.

Integrate back-end and front-end

Deal with database migrate

error message: Unknown command: “squall”

This is caused by squall has been deprecated since Django 1.9, currently we use Django 3.0.8. To solve this, do the following commands:

python3 makemigrations your_app_name
python3 migrate
python3 sqlmigrate freshness 0001

How to connect MySQL database through Django Shell

First you’ll need to configure the database’s name, host, password in under your apps

Type following command to invoke Django Shell:

Python3 shell

Then type your command to the shell:

>>> from Django.db import connection
>>> cursor = connection.cursor()
>>> cursor.execute('SELECT item FROM freshness_food ORDER BY item')
>>> print(cursor.fetchall())

above is just an example