Course Grader

Univeristy of California, Los Angeles, CA

  • Course grader of EE503: Probabilitie for Electrical and Computing Engineers

Software Development Intern

Lenovo, Beijing, China

Sep 2018 - Feb 2019

  • Deployed Apache Cassandra for Lenovo Cloud; delivered to Kafka to resolve archive log exception
  • Maintained high availability under high concurrency by utilizing OpenResty for upcoming discount event
  • Developed caching optimization back-end service through Spring AOP for video playback
  • Designed data schema with MySQL and MyBatis for deploying nearby-service-recommendation new feature to smart customer service
  • Optimized microservices by configuring JVM and routing requests, achieving lower latency by 30%
  • Standardized process of integrated testing and error resolution, increasing test coverage from 13% to 17%
  • Connected MySQL through JDBC to provide interfaces for data visualization and dashboard implementation

Research Assistent

Space Optics Lab, Beihang University

Mar 2018 - Oct 2018

  • Developed stitching algorithm on Matlab and completed image mosaic process based on Zernike polynomials to restore images and measure surfaces of objects from holograms
  • Conducted experiments on 3D surface measurement of MEMS devices including metal ones and transparent plastic ones with a new self-designed dual-wavelength optical path to eliminate wrap situation produced by surface shape jump